Hello everyone, 

We appreciate the patience that you all have shown with us through this time! I just wanted to inform you all that we are currently looking at beginning the season on May 15th. This is not a for sure thing, but if there are no changes in Governor Stitt's Ordinance and any orders from the City of Owasso, we plan on opening tournaments on the 15th and league on the 18th! We are also working on a rain phone number that you all can call to find out updates on rain but be patient with us. The best form of communication we currently have is on Facebook at Owasso Premier Softball. This is where we post the majority of our updates. 


Once you have signed up there is NO REFUND. The only refund you will receive is if we cannot place your player on a team or if we cannot figure something out on our end. We will be updating you all with more Covid-19 updates, schedules, and more on our facebook page. Follow us at Owasso Premier Softball

Simple steps to take to register your player:

Step 1: Click on REGISTRATION at the top of the page

Step 2: Fill in the Email 

Step 3: Fill out the form

Step 4: Submit the Form

Step 5: Fill out the payment information

Step 6: Submit the Payment 

Link to Age Calculator: http://www.usssa.com/fastpitch/AgeCalculator/j

Please make sure that you complete the full registration process so we can go ahead and start working on forming teams. This includes the registration form and the payment. Above we have created a step by step on how to completely finish the online registration. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


If you are interested in resgistering an entire team please contact me via email: Owassopremiersoftball.com 

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